BDU BagsBDU Bags

Bags Made from Military Battle Dress Uniforms

(Belt not included.)

Use the BDU Bag as a tote, a camera bag a carry-on, or a purse. Wherever you go, carry another reminder of the loved-one serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

The BDU Bag makes a wonderful surprise gift prior to deployment. Made from a single BDU shirt and one pair of BDU trousers, of any size.

The BDU Bags' dimensions are approximately 10"x15"x4." Bags' final size will be adjusted as necessary to accommodate the available material.

inner pocketWherever possible the detail from the BDU (such as pockets) is used without modification.

end pocketsBDU Bag is fully lined and features a 5"x4" inner pocket, just below the single Velcro tab closure.

Both end pockets are large enough to accommodate a glass case or cell phone.

Names, badges and emblems can be added to personalize your BDU Bag.

Every BDU Bag is Custom Made, Just for You

BDU Bags are made one at a time, to your order, right here in the U.S.A. Customer must provide the BDU shirt and trousers to be used for their bag and ship them to SewNeau postage paid. Any remnants will be retuned to customer with the completed BDU Bag.

Typical BDU Bag Configuration
Typical BDU Bag Configuration

Cost Estimate for Your BDU Bag

BDU Bag base price: $55, plus shipping. Ohio residents add sales tax. Customer provided names, badges and emblems can be added. Prior to shipping your BDUs to SewNeau, please contact us to discuss your specifics and for a free estimate.  Many common questions are addressed in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

NOTE: BDU Bags are non-returnable!

Dress Uniform, BDU and ACU Alterations & Repairs

We alter and repair both BDUs and Class “A” Dress Uniforms for male and female U.S. Military personnel.

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